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About Us

About Us

We proudly stand as the only African organisation in the UK dedicated to uniting diverse communities while celebrating both our cultural distinctions and shared similarities. Our journey began in 2017 when the Milton Keynes Council sought to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the town, marking its remarkable progress since 1967. We responded by establishing a festival focused on spotlighting the local African communities in Milton Keynes.

Recent years saw a surge in young participants who eagerly joined the celebration of culture and community. To cater to this growing interest, we introduced workshops centred around African cultural activities, creating a hands-on, interactive experience such us youth dance and fashion shows.

To cater to this growing interest and the vibrant energy of our youth, we expanded our offerings. In addition to the festival’s core events, we introduced an array of workshops centred around African cultural activities. From the art of beading to the intricacies of braiding, vibrant fashion show, youth afrobeat dance these hands-on sessions allowed our youth to connect with their heritage in a meaningful and interactive way.

The festival’s success has not only drawn in more youth but has also brought together a more diverse and expansive community. People from various backgrounds and walks of life have come together to revel in the festivities, bridging gaps and nurturing a sense of unity that embodies the true spirit of the African Diaspora Foundation.

As we continue to evolve and grow, our commitment to celebrating culture, nurturing our youth, and fostering community unity remains stronger than ever. We are excited to see what the future holds as we embrace the richness of African culture and welcome all members of our diverse community to join in the festival on the 6th of July 2024.

Building Together Is The Answer

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The African Diaspora Foundation is committed to fostering unity and development within African diaspora communities. Our mission is to provide support, resources, and a platform for dialogue to bridge cultural divides, promote education, and improve overall well-being. Through meaningful festivals, youth empowerment initiatives, awareness-raising workshops, and collaborative efforts with local representatives, we aim to address the unique needs of African diaspora communities and build a stronger, more inclusive future for all.


At the African Diaspora Foundation, we envision a future where African diaspora communities are empowered, united, and thriving in prosperity. We are dedicated to fostering inclusivity and celebrating the richness of cultural diversity while ensuring that opportunities are accessible to all the communities. This vision guides our journey, setting a positive and inspiring direction as we work towards making a meaningful impact on African diaspora communities.

Change comes at a price


Our vision, linking to our mission, is to see the African Diaspora community with sufficient man-power and the means to support itself in the pursuit of developing social, political and economic success in the community.

Core Values


We want to provide a positive environment where our differences are valued to contributing to innovative schemes, the promotion of creativity and maximising individual potential. This value is upheld within our organisation as well as in all our programmes.


The ADF strives to provide Milton Keynes with a series of festivals and workshops to educate the African Diaspora, their friends, and the extended communities of Milton Keynes with the history of African culture. We also talk about how we can promote African culture in the present and talk about the future of African culture within Milton Keynes, the Diaspora, and the world.


The ADF stands for inclusiveness – we desire to see truly inclusive approaches towards the community. The ADF would like to see African communities represented in the power-holding offices of the UK – at both a local level and a national level. We aim to see a mutual respect between the different communities in the UK and normalise African representation in positions of power.


The ADF aims to provide the Diaspora with the right tools, platforms, and equipment (such as instruments and costumes) to make their voices heard and to gain visibility for their talents. We hope this will lead to positive African influence in the community. We want the Diaspora to take the lead in creating positive ways in which to celebrate their culture and use the resources we can provide.


Our genuine gratitude goes out to our generous sponsors who have made it possible for us to support and strengthen our community.
We eagerly anticipate future collaborations with educational institutions, cooperating closely to deliver educational programs and exhibitions that foster a deeper understanding of African culture. Together, we can broaden horizons and build a more culturally enriched and united community.