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Fostering Cultural Awareness Through Collaborative Initiatives

At the heart of our mission lies the power of partnership. Since 2019, one of our valued partners has been the MKAC, with whom we’ve embarked on a journey to address the gap in cultural heritage awareness among the youth in Milton Keynes. This collaboration has led to a series of projects that have exploded creativity, self-discovery, and an understanding of cultural roots.

Exploring Heritage through Poetry

In 2020, we had the privilege of working with the talented writer, Ngoma Bishop, who guided children and young adults in exploring their own heritages and expressions of the lockdown through the art of poetry. This project not only encouraged self-reflection but also fostered an appreciation of the richness of cultural diversity.

Creating Ceramic Reflections

As part of this journey, our young participants embarked on a creative endeavour, crafting ceramic objects that symbolise their roots and ancestral connections. These objects served as tangible representations of the cultural embroidery that weaves through their lives.

Exhibition at the African Diaspora Festival:**

The culmination of our efforts led to an exhibition at the African Diaspora Festival in July 2021, which drew the attention of a diverse and engaged audience. This exhibition served as a bridge between our young artists and the wider community, creating a platform for their voices and expressions.

Empowering Young Curators

Inspired by the success of the exhibition, we established a young people’s curatorial group. Under the guidance of the talented artist Shepherd Manyika, these young minds delved into the depths of African culture through workshops with artists Zethu Maseko, Levi Naidu-Mitchell, and Uthman Wahaab. These workshops equipped our young participants with a range of skills, including weaving, ceramic artistry, tie-dye with African print materials, and drawing.

A Journey of Skill and Cultural Discovery

This collaborative effort has not only fostered artistic skills but also opened doors to cultural exploration. The young people involved in the project have embarked on a journey of self-discovery, creative expression, and an appreciation for the wealth of African culture.

Thank you for being a part of our journey in promoting cultural awareness, fostering creativity, and empowering young minds. Together, we are weaving a tapestry of understanding and appreciation for cultural heritage in Milton Keynes.

The Celebration Ceramic
Celebration Poem